Stage 1, Stage 2, DPF, EGR AND LAMBDA OFF File Service

Results Driven

Check out our Tuning Files Specifications to find your vehicle in order to see how much gains you will achieve using our Tuning File Service. If vehicle is not listed, contact us for details.

Proven Technology

90% of our maps are DYNO tested and for most of them we also have DYNO results. Our Tuning File Service is currently #1 in field of Winols.

Winning Culture

There are many ways to make a car faster, but only some are good and safe. With our service you will achieve both.

Top Performance

With our Eco, Stage 1 or Stage 2 maps you will achieve top performance, and best quality service.


There are many ways to make a car faster, but only a handful are good, safe, reliable and ultimately effective. We take great pride in being one of rare companies who use top notch equipment, extensive, meticulous dyno and road testing and data logging performed by dedicated engineers and tuning experts who are educated continually in order to be up to date with the latest solutions in the industry. If you are looking for tuning for the latest ECU models, you’ll most likely find it here. At our file service

Receive your custom file in 4 steps


Over 2000 remaps made


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