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Performance increase and ECO tuning vehicle conversion

Faster, more dynamic, more economical? There are many reasons to choose a tuning solution from OLSPERFORMANCE. Our aim is to advise you professionally and honestly, so that you can consciously decide on the right solution.

Our products and the technology used in them are extremely reliable and promise everyday use all year round. Power and environmental efficiency in every season are very important to us..


OLSPERFORMANCE makes the difference

In the development phase of the software, manufacturers are often confronted with different fuel qualities, different climate’s in the countries of reference, conflicting companies philosophies and sales strategies with the clients and different insurance classes in the individual countries. Our task is to develop a product that is suitable for all.

With our tuning variants we at OLSPerformance have the appropriate solution for this problem. We optimize the original
Maps, data frames and characteristics of your engine without affecting it.

The result:
Increase in power and torque
Improved acceleration behavior
Higher final speed with lower consumption

All in all, a vehicle with our tuning promises more driving pleasure and
even more environmentally friendly than before.

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